What is Scar?

Do you know your scarring type?
Atrophic Scars

are sunken/depressed scars caused by excessive tissue layer deterioration and when cell replacement production does not function as normal.

Hypertrophic Scars

are raised scars caused by excess formation of new tissue, but do not grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound. These are often less itchy than keloid scars.

Keloid Scars

are excessively thick and fibrous, tumour-like scars which extend beyond the wound’s original limits. It is a more serious form of scarring because keloid scars can continue to grow indefinitely into a large, tumorous growth.

Surgery Marks

can fade if healed properly immediately after operations, despite being difficult to avoid. Hiruscar helps in healing surgery marks.


from our customers

I love how it absorbs quickly so my skin looks and feels fresh seconds after application. And it goes on super smoothly after make-up too!

Ng Yan Zi Hiruscar Post Acne Consumer

The fading of my scars from recent acne outbreaks is pretty noticeable and I have only used the product for 2 weeks.

Ethel SimHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer

Not only does it lightens the dark spot and scars on my face, recurrence of acne is also significantly reduced.

Ang Zi FengHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer

My skin looks smoother and my acne scars have started to lighten with use.

Chia Bing XiangHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer
*Individual results may vary

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