How to care

for your wound properly? 

Scars on arms and knees are hard to avoid, but we can make these scars become less noticeable by properly treating the wound at home. Check out the following tips!
Always keep your cut, scrape, or other skin injury clean. Gently wash the area with mild soap and water to keep out germs and remove debris.
To help the injured skin heal, use medicated cream or gel to keep the wound moist. It will prevent scar from getting too large, deep or itchy.
After cleaning the wound and applying medicated cream or gel, cover the skin with an adhesive bandage.
Change your bandage daily to keep the wound clean while it heals.
Apply Hiruscar once the wound has closed. Rub gently onto the affected area 2-3 minutes to help assist the healing process. Be consistent with the use of Hiruscar as scar healing process can take time, depending on individual scar condition.
For facial use, apply the gel before applying moisturizer or makeup for more effective absorbance.

Besides wound scar, we have solution if you are facing with acne scars and dark marks on your face, Hiruscar Post Acne is a anti-bacterial clear gel for all types of acne scars and dark marks.

Care for Burn Scars

Scar maturation can take up to 1–2 years. During this process the scarred skin gradually returns to a more normal skin tone and becomes softer and flatter. Here are the solutions for you to flatten and visually lessen your scars.
  •  Apply moisturizers on affected area to increase circulation to the area. This will help with flattening and fading of burn scars with daily use.
  • Eat plenty of Vitamin-C and zinc-enriched food.
  • Avoid exposing your healing scars to sunlight. Its harmful UV rays may cause scars to darken, making them more noticeable. Apply sunscreen to your scars when going outdoors.
  • Avoid soaking in a hot bath tub or using perfumed soaps, to avoid further drying your skin and causing itchiness.
  • Should never use mineral oil, or any antibiotic ointments to avoid skin breakdown or allergic reactions.
Individual results may vary.
Consult professional help when necessary.
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