Scar Prevention Tips

1. Avoid over sun exposure
  • Protect your scar from the sun by using sunscreen and covering up your scar. The UV rays can cause discolouration of scar, making it more difficult to reduce its appearance.
2. Stay away from Alcohol
  • Though Alcohol does kill bacteria, repeated use can cause irritation and slow down the healing process.
  • Cleanse the wound properly with clean water. Consult a doctor if necessary. Proper wound cleaning reduces risk of infection and scarring.
3. Dress the wound properly
  • Research has shown that maintaining a moist environment is good for the recovery process and can minimize scarring. Do not pick at scabs as this can cause irritation, slows down recovery and worsen scarring.
  • Dress the wound with bandage if necessary.
4. Be Consistent
  • Start using Hiruscar as soon as the wound is closed. Be consistent with the use of Hiruscar as scar healing process can take time, depending on individual scar condition.
  • After applying gel, rub gently onto the affected area 2-3 minutes will help assist the healing process.
*Individual results may vary
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