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I have only been using this for two weeks and I can see the significant difference on my scar. The scar is lighten and smoothen and the appearance of skin has improved dramatically.

Chelsea TanHiruscar's Consumer

After Hiruscar Post Acne treatment

Before & After

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I love how it absorbs quickly so my skin looks and feels fresh seconds after application. And it goes on super smoothly after make-up too!

Ng Yan Zi Hiruscar Post Acne Consumer

The fading of my scars from recent acne outbreaks is pretty noticeable and I have only used the product for 2 weeks.

Ethel SimHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer

Not only does it lightens the dark spot and scars on my face, recurrence of acne is also significantly reduced.

Ang Zi FengHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer

My skin looks smoother and my acne scars have started to lighten with use.

Chia Bing XiangHiruscar Post Acne's Consumer

After Hiruscar Kids treatment

Before & After

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We applied Hiruscar Kids religiously 2-3 times daily. The gel was neither sticky nor greasy, and we noticed that it absorbs into the skin very well. My son especially loved the sweet pleasant smell of the gel – “it smells like flowers, Mummy!”

Lisa AngHiruscar Kids Consumer

As a parent , I am very thankful that now we have the Hiruscar Kids Formulation that can help children's scars to appear softer, smoother and less visible. It is indeed a heaven sent product and best of all, the formulation is so pleasantly scented and is greaseless.

MiraHiruscar Kids' Consumer
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